Can You Do It !!?



It’s great the happiness that you feel when you have a dream ,when you put all the plans that you need in the way of your dreams , It’s great when you feel all this is going to be true ,when you feel that No one can hold you back , It’s great when yoy feel that you are special because you have a dream like this , when you feel that there is no one like you .

It’s great the optimism that you carry inside your heart , The hope that you see inside your eyes  when you looking at the mirror ,

you feel your life is going to change when you achieve all your dreams and you know that you’er going to be a better person , you are sure that people will know who you are and they will respect you and you will close all the Mouths that said you won’t do it !! 

But you have fears of what the future hiding for you , Fears of waking up and find everything disappearedو remember you are special because you are you 🙂 ,, just close your eyes and imagine that you achieved all what you really want , imagine yourself happy ,imagine yourself special ,imagine everybody you know you family your friends are so proud of you ,imagine everyone respect you ,imagine you the one that you always dream about ,

Now open your eyes , how do you feel now ! , Are you strong !, Are you ready to get there ! , 

In the way of the success you will face hard challenges may will put you down .Don’t stop there don’t give up keep trying over and over again it will work because you really deserve it .

Now it’s your time put your plans work hard do what you ,and remember that god with you in every step of the way ask him help no body else because every thing is between his hands and by his will ,your believing in god is what give you strengh ,

Make your story to be told..

I wrote these word while talking to myself to encourage me and i decided to share it to make everyone chase his dreams and remember Sunrise is A new start 🙂 


The Flying dreams


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A dream fly around the world on the horizon every where

Fly without borders , fly in the darkness and the light , All eyes see it and all heart and all the minds dream of it .

Look at it well it’s your and my dream it’s the dream of every one who is dreaming , try to touch it try to fly with it then live it don’t let it fly far from you maybe it will fly without back to see it or dream of it ,this dream won’t be true without trying to reach it .every one of us has his flying dream that see it everyday in the sky and he can’t reach it , for example :

the slave his flying dream is becoming free but will it achieve without fighting to take his rights to become free !!?

the poor his flying dream is becoming rich but will it achieve unless he seeks to get money and works hard by right ways ?!!

the patient his flying dream is becoming healthy but will it achieve without following the doctor’s instructions and the good health habits ?!!

The only person his flying dream is having friends and family but will it achieve without trying to change him self and trying to be better and making people trust in him ?!!

Every student has his flying dream to become a succesful person in the future but will it achieve without working hard and studying well ?!

The coward his flying dream is becoming brave but will it achieve without having the audacity to do what he afraid ?!!

The fat his flying dream is becoming fit but will it achieve without patience and fighting to lose the weight ?!!

All of us have the same flying dream to live happily and safely without any problems .

My flying dream is adream in all the people’s eyes but it lost in the middle of the days and it is living in a world where no place for the wars just peace happiness , safe,smiling and love , my flying dream is not seeing a kid die becouse of hunger or sleeping with fear of death , my dream is all the fightings between people stop now and egypt become the best and free , my flying dream is leaving a good impact in people’s hearts and doing my best to make them smile ,

Freedom is my flying dream 

Every one of us has his flying dream but will it achieve without having the Audacity to make it true , Let’s stick to our flying dreams or fly with it let’s hold on it too tight because it’s our way ti live happy life , it’s keep the hope and love in our hearts .

The flying dream must lande on the earth to become true must stop flying if you can’t fly with it let it take you to another world .

Dream  there is a life in the dream and remember seek only to give and will be received.

One day life will be pleasant ^_^…

Best friend


I do not know from where I can start  my words about my best friend I have ever seen  

I don’t find words to describe here beauty  and .here kindness

I don’t find words to show my love to her I can’t because really no words can do that

My best friend is the best friend in the world ,she has an awesome personality ,

she has a beautiful eyes becomes green in sun light 

I love her when she look at me innocently 🙂 

with every smile with every look i feel wonderful 

I find her beside me all the time , we share everything in our life smiling,sadness,fear,good times,happiness,all the details 

when i feel bad i just think of her i remember her awesome smile then i become better.

she makes me feel special , she encourages me to do the things that i’m afraid to do 

she helps me to know who am i , to discover what i love what i’m going to do in the future 

she makes me happier , stronger , funnier, better when we are together.

I love her i love every moment i spend with her , love her smile eyes and her voice 

love talking with her and doing what we love together 

I love studying with her 

I love being with the same name

because of her i became better than before 

I wiil be lost without my friend 

I hope from god ta save and protect her and light her way 

I hope she will become the best 

I wish all her dreams becoming true ,and enjoy every moment in her life 

she is very beautiful and deserve everything wonderful in this life 

she is my second half

I try to do what she do to me

Trying to Make her as strong as she makes me strong

I’ll do my best to Make she happier

Make she the best

I will be beside her at any time she needs me in it

I will I share her everything

I promise I will help her in achieveing her dreams 🙂 

I will never ever let anyone to upsets her or makes her sad .

I swear I’m ready to give her my life if it is enough.

It’s to hard to explain how I love my friend , to explain how beautiful she is !!

I will stay her faithful friend forever 🙂

love you dew ❤ 







No, I’m not talking about the dreams you have when you go to sleep. Although, they’re somehow related. I’m talking about those hopes and wishes you dream about almost half of your life, wondering if they’ll ever come true.

Life is short. That’s probably the main reason why people either waste their time hoping their dreams would come true without doing anything about it or trying their best to achieve their dreams and making them reality.

All I know is that with persistence and hard work, you’ll be able to make wonders.

In your life, you’ll pass through people who might let you down. Making you think that you’re silly believing you can be something or someone big. I want to tell you that you are special and unique. Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you can’t do it or anyone who laughs at your ambitions. Let them…

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Sad egypt


Events burning in my country1557680_578915428857084_2077971919_n

Killings, beatings and arrests nor interest for human life and liberty and rights is that our life is for !!! ..

Everyone says no for the current power , Everyone defends his rights ,

Everyone wants prosperity and progress for Egypt,

Disgraced, imprisoned or killed

We just call for our freedom and our independence , We just want egypt to be the best .

 This is our right to dream about country respects human rights , 

 country cares about people and saves them every thing .

This is our country

We will not surrender will fight for our freedom to the last breath ,

We will defend our rights to the last drop of blood,

We will regain the dignity that robbed us ,

We will build it and it will rise and reconstruct,

We will dream and laugh,

Someday life will be pleasant……

Bad things




sometimes we need to be broken , to learn how to be stronger 

sometimes we need to fail , to know the meaning of success 

sometimes we need to be sad , to enjoy every happy moment 

sometimes we need to hate , to feel what is love 

sometimes we need to lose somethings , to know the real value of it 

sometimes we need to try , to know the right from the wrong 

sometimes we need to go away , to know our place in people’s hearts

sometimes we need to be alone , to review ourselves and know our way 

this is life 

sometimes bad things should happen to us to be able to continue our life

and face all the problems and challenges 

to learn from our mistakes , to be better 

It is a grace from allah 

thank you allah ^_^